Engineering Cost Consultant , Specialist in SMP. Electric Skateboard Creator. Building Custom high powered electric skateboard prototypes and specialised customs made to order. Providing short term professional consultant engagements.

Providing my personalised service on demand for Major Project Engineering construction projects in CAPEX or OPEX. Structural, Mechanical and Piping and off-site fabrication estimates to quality standards to AACE American Association of Cost Engineers Class 1- 5 – Engineering Cost Consultant for Pre-Feasibility through to critical path hard execution, competitive market tendering or adjudication. Client or Constructor side. Unit hourly rate excluding taxes, per chargeable hour. Email reply@theboredcompany.com.au


The Bored….. https://SR71a.com (try me)

The Bored Company aims to solve the global problem of boredom. Inspired by the SR-71 (A12) Blackbird , which still today is the fastest air breathing manned vehicle ever. It will never be dethroned because the insanely expensive technology was replaced by more cost effective satellite capabilities. The (A-12) SR71 represents the pinnacle of human engineering prowess in the terrestrial realm. Today the SR71 is a decomissioned political casualty after serving its retirment years working for NASA. Now displayed as monuments. The A-12 variant can be found atop stainless pillars at the CIA Headquarters. The SR-71’s are parked adjacent the carpark at Beale AFB,CA and proudly displayed at the Smithsonian and other locations across the USA. This aircraft epitomises the concept of boredom like no other object. Once upon a time cruising at mach 3.2 at 100,000 feet now a relic of time. Yet even as a stationary monument it seems frozen at top speed with nothing to do.

Eliminating global boredom will powerfully uplift the human experience. We will achieve this mission starting with producing and developing Electric Skateboards like no other and spreading the excitement of personal mobility to new previously unobtainable levels.

Electric skateboards are a unique form of transport. They can be a minature car on your feet, and they inspire the same connection and love we have for our larger vehicles. We all share the desire for freedom and enjoyment and the absence of boredom. The skateboard creates a universe of freedom the moment you step outside your home. Exploring an entire city or national park in several hours is possible.

The design philosophy of the Bored Company is to encapsulate timelessness with elementary synergies of form and function with a no compromises approach to achieving the desired objective.

Bored CEO – 2022


For Consultant enquiries or Electric Skateboards Customised builds or High Spec parts please contact us via email.

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